Fernando Garcia

The founder and CEO of FGO Logistics, Fernando has dedicated the last 11 years to taking FGO from a 1 truck beginning to where we are today. FGO is currently running well over 250 trucks per day nationally. Our aggressive growth ideas have facilitated FGO unheard of growth. We have expanded into California, Texas, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, as well as the entire Northeast over the past 24 months. Fernando's passion for the logistics business is what separates him from others.                 


Viviana Cadme

Viviana co-founded FGO logistics with Fernando in 2005. Her entrepreneurial spirit helps to mold the FGO identity. 


Josh Daniels

The COO of FGO, Josh has been involved with the company since the start in 2005. We were very excited when Josh joined our team after spending the last 15 years working in various positions for other 3PL companies. Josh brings the ideal mix of experience to our team with working knowledge of both the key customers in our area but also with the relationships he has built over the years.


Roberto Pazmino

As CFO, Roberto possesses a unique combination of IT savvy and entrepreneurial know-how. With his focus on streamlining our accounting processes, Roberto’s military experience and faith makes him a perfect fit. We can always count on his positive attitude and creative solutions to bring FGO to the next level.


Yan Gershengoren

A recent addition to FGO’s Senior management team; Yan brings well over 12 years of transportation and logistics experience to his role as Senior Director at FGO. From owning a business to overseeing other locations for large 3PL companies Yan has the diverse background that is needed to help bring FGO into the future.