Core Values



Consistent actions will create consistent results.  We at FGO believe consistency to be at the core of our business.  From our delivery and management teams to the service we provide our customers, consistency throughout the entire operation is paramount to our success. 

Our customers deserve nothing less.  



At FGO, accountability is the fundamental foundation of what our company is built on.  It is our obligation as an organization to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and accept responsibility for them.  We believe that our people should not only be held accountable for what they do, but also for what they don’t do.  Simply put, once you hold yourself accountable for your actions, success is infinite.



We at FGO believe commitment is required in everything that we do.  Commitment fuels our organization to pave the way for excellence.  Commitment helps us evaluate, innovate and execute our vision.  We empower our people to understand that extraordinary results require extraordinary commitment.  Our commitment to quality in everything that we do is what guides us through our decisions we make as an organization.



We value respect.  We understand it cannot be forced upon anyone. Respect must be cultivated and earned, by Commitment, Accountability & Consistency.  Out of respect to our customers, we at FGO will not compromise our standards for anyone or anything.  We believe that once respect is earned, trust is gained and loyalty is returned.