Ashley FDE Quarterly Awards Celebration

On Saturday November 19th the Ashley FDE team celebrated their successes over the previous quarter. FGO as the preferred carrier of Factory Direct was happy to attend and be part of the breakfast gathering. As part of the celebration awards were given to the top 5 delivery team partners. FGO was well represented having 4 of the top 5 highest scoring teams throughout the previous 3 months.

Osmar & Leo

Osmar Texucano & Leonardo Nieves 1st place with a 99.7 piece completion score while delivering over 3400 pieces

Christian & Lenin

Christian Paredes & Lenin Pauta 2nd place with a 99.1 piece completion score while delivering over 3000 pieces

Franklin & Carlos

Franklin Salgado & Carlos Baldemer 3rd place with a 98.7 piece completion score while delivering almost 3000 pieces

Felip & Gustavo

Felipe Turcios & Gustavo Moreira 5th place with a 97.9 piece completion score whie delivering 3200 pieces.

In all pictures are Larry Monghan the VP of Operations for FDE as well as Robin Radil who is the delivery manager for the location